What Causes Eczema


Eczema is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors that cause the skin barrier to break down and trigger an abnormal immune response. People who themselves have – or have a family history of – allergies, allergic rhinitis and asthma are more prone to having eczema. Changes in the environment such as heat, humidity and increased exposure to the sun can cause the immune system to respond abnormally.6,7,8

Eczema Triggers

Allergens, stress or illness, contact with pets or grass, chemicals and soaps, changes in weather and temperature and food sensitivities. 6,9,10

Is Eczema Hereditary?

Roughly 70 % of patients with eczema have a family history of atopic diseases such as allergic asthma or allergic rhinitis. There is a 2 to 3 times higher chance of a child having eczema if one parent has it, and this increases to 3 to 5 times if both parents are affected. A child is also more likely to have eczema if their mother has it.2,11